What We Do



A frequent starting point is our diagnostic work. Salient can provide a thorough, tailored review of the organisational culture. Salient looks particularly at systems, symbols, structure and the behaviour of leaders and team members. We systemically analyse the organisational environment to identify opportunities to increase employee engagement

solid theory and meaningful practicality

Salient’s approach to organisational and personal development is based on an integrated platform of robust theory. This has been tested and refined with our clients through many years of practical implementation. Our associates have a wealth of practical experience and wisdom gained from their work across a wide range of organisations, cultures and contexts. A number of our associates are Systems Leadership Practitioners. (see Articles page)

healthy relationships

Successful organisations work across three arenas of work: commercial, technical, and social . Our preference is to establish ongoing relationships with leaders who value a sustained investment in the social or ‘people’ arena as they strive to achieve the total purpose of their organisations.

effective leadership

Our Team Leadership programs have a strong experiential learning element, coupled with sound organisational theory and practical tools and models.

teams that work

Salient facilitates a range of team development programs working alongside the leaders as they do their work of creating an effective team. Our processes are used effectively by virtual teams, work crews, teams of executives, research groups, and project teams.

personal development for leaders

Our associates work alongside individual leaders at all levels: senior executives, general managers, and front line leaders. We enjoy coaching leaders of organizational development and change as they work on their own behaviour, on systems and on understanding the messaging of symbols. Our Salient Skills program focuses on effective interaction skills for managerial leaders.